First Look at Crit3D!

Posted on 11/6/2015 by James Auld in UI Crit3D Screenshots

Here you go guys, some initial screenshots of the Crit3D UI, plus some shots of the development environments I use. Even though there aren't any "juicy" 3D images as of yet, what it took to build this foundation in the Unity version is hundreds of hours and thousands of lines of code. The application is at the point of being able to click a real game from online, and have it download all of that game's data. the next step is to use that data to build the 3D environment ...

The development so far has related to:

  • Building classes to handle the UI windows
  • Authentication with the development environment instance and the actual iTabletop instance online so I can use your real game data
  • Functioning and reliable Web Service and Socket communication systems on the client and the server
  • Pulling user and iTabletop instance-related information down from the server
  • Ability to login and pull the user's "Recent", "Mine", and "The Rest", game lists
  • Way more plumbing under Unity's hood to make this all work

I'm happy to report that having Unity communicate with the existing server and the server's database and business logic, will cut a ton of time off development in the long run, since all that backend stuff doesn't have to be written from scratch.

Here's the initial login screen:

After the handshake with the server, here's my (Paladin's) game selection list. I'll probably make the images larger. Note the RECENT, MINE, and THE REST tabs:

Here's a look at the Unity 5 development environment for the Crit3D project:

Finally, a screenshot of Visual Studio 2012 Pro, where the Mono-centric C# code is written and compiled: