Downloading 3D assets from the Amazon S3 cloud

Posted on 3/13/2014 by James Auld in 3d unity Amazon S3 Cloud Asset Store

One great thing about the Silverlight version of iTabletop 3 has been its ability to download all your media content from Amazon's superfast s3 cloud. Well we've worked out a way to download all the assets from the 3D asset store from there as well...

It's true. It took an upgrade to Unity pro version (subtext: very expensive!) to do it, but it was important. This allows us to download asset 'prefabs' on demand, from the Amazon S3 cloud. Since S3 is cached in major cities all over the world, that means your 3D maps and characters will be downloaded fast, no matter where you live.

It was exciting to see this working the other day. We'll show you first hand, soon!