Embracing Rule Systems

Posted on 6/2/2015 by James Auld in Rulesets Game Automation

You already know that iTabletop has always been rules agnostic. I've tried to make it flexible enough to handle most situations so that game system rules didn't need to be part of the package. However my opinion regarding this is changing...

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Rebranding to Crit3D

Posted on 6/2/2015 by James Auld in Crit3D Branding

I'm happy to announce that the next generation of iTabletop software will be called Crit3D. I think the name is short, catchy, and let's face it - we all love to Crit! ...

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3D development resumes full time

Posted on 5/16/2015 by James Auld in 3d unity

iTabletop is jumping back into the 3D virtual tabletop space! After having placed our 3D version plans on hold a little over a year ago due to some unforeseen factors, we've now begun programming on a brand new Unity version of iTabletop...

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Downloading 3D assets from the Amazon S3 cloud

Posted on 3/13/2014 by James Auld in 3d unity Amazon S3 Cloud Asset Store

One great thing about the Silverlight version of iTabletop 3 has been its ability to download all your media content from Amazon's superfast s3 cloud. Well we've worked out a way to download all the assets from the 3D asset store from there as well...

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iTabletop 3D will still be V3!

Posted on 3/13/2014 by James Auld in 3d unity Versioning Cost

Many of you will wonder just who receives the new 3D version when it's complete. You're wondering "Am I going to have to pay an upgrade for this?" It's a very important question - I would agree. Let's discuss it...

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A smart rewrite

Posted on 3/11/2014 by James Auld

While it may seem like this is a complete rewrite of iTabletop, the great thing is our present application is written in C#.net, and Unity uses the Mono version of C#. This means the rewrite isn't too laborsome, and we've got a major head start...

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